Relax - It’s finally all under control ... is your Medical Practice Virtual IT/IM Support Department, providing your Practice Management System with a full range of specialized HealthCare IT/IM Consultancy and Management services by leading independent healthcare IT/IM consultants. A true TOTAL CARE solutions provider for all your Practice Management computing requirements.

Since 1986, we have installed 600+ Practice Management Systems throughout Australia. With our proven extensive experience - we know what’s required to manage a Medical Practice IT/IM infastructure. Best of all, we assist your Medical Practice in cutting the GP Red Tape and delivering a first class immediate resolution service not offered by traditional suppliers of IT/IM services. enables you to focus on your day-to-day activities in “providing the highest level of patient care to your patients” whilst we “provide the highest level of IT & IM support for your Practice Management System”. Removing the need of Practice Managers or Doctors to spend hours trying to manage their complex Practice Management System IT/IM requirements. ActiveWeb Support System – an innovative and unique help desk delivery model specifically developed by to meet the ever increasing complexity of managing a Practice Management System IT/IM requirements and the rollout of 3rd party applications. Enabling you to securely grant a consultant with access to your desktop, thus a live person-to-person approach to problem solving, interactive collaborative help desk support and training as required.

Imagine a consultant right there, pinpointing and resolving your IT/IM issues more efficiently than ever before. The end-result is a superior level of service by responding to your support queries quickly and in the first instance, increasing customer satisfaction, system uptime and productivity.

Delivering help desk support through this unique and innovative solution enables consultants to resolve 99.9% of your Practice Management IT/IM support issues in less time than traditionally taken.

By reducing the time to resolve issues, avoiding unnecessary and costly onsite visits, enables to offer an extremely cost effective service and our way of truly contributing in cutting the GP Red Tape.

Unlike existing popular Remote Access Solution such as PC-Anywhere or Terminal Services, access is limited to the Server and excludes workstations. Furthermore, these Remote Access Solutions are based on listening devices that accept incoming connections requests over the internet. ActiveWeb Support System - has no listening devices and automatically disallows 1st level security treat to take place, ensuring that patient’s privacy, system security and integrity are not compromised.

With - you know at all times who is accessing your system !!!

At your discretion, you can grant a consultants access to your desktop with complete control residing in your hands at all times.

  • You can set the sessions as view-only access of your desktop, without remote control ability. consultant with your assistance can visually detect problems and ensuring your Practice Management System security and patient’s privacy are maintained.
  • Alternatively, you can set remote control ability, and this still gives you first-priority control over the mouse and keyboard. Even during an ActiveWeb Support Session, you can override any mouse or keyboard actions taken by consultant.
  • You may choose to terminate the ActiveWeb Support Session all together at anytime. ActiveWeb Support Plans - offers your practice it’s very own first class Virtual IT/IM Support Department, 24/7 Help Desk, monthly system health check-ups, site audit, preventative maintenance, security/firewall vulnerability checks, implementation of a Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity action plans.


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