Since 2000, continues to deliver significant experience in offering business strategy and technology based business solutions that provide and create tangible operational improvements for you and your Medical Practice. We specialise in providing effective and logical problem solving solutions that help you to quickly and efficiently overcome problem areas where manual workflow processes are prevalent.

Representative Engagement Experiences experience covers several healthcare industry and service market segments and encompasses clients from small and emerging growth stage Medical Practices to Corporate Medical Centres. These solutions represent our most commonly requested services.


Technology Infrastructure Merger / Consolidation Plan was engaged to design and implement a technology transition strategy to consolidate the IT infrastructures of 5 medium sized Medical Practice into one centralised infrastructure serving the needs of the multi-location Medical Practice. successfully implemented this strategy which resulted in reduced operating costs, improved employee communications and productivity from a now centralised IT infrastructure.

Technology Outsourcing was contracted to provide long-term outsourced technology management and customer support for a large medical practice. is currently retained on a multi-year renewable contract to completely manage their technology infrastructure. successful management of this ongoing contract has resulted in fewer technology problems, reduced employee and client frustration, increased system efficiency and performance and reduced operating costs.

Operations Assessments has performed several operations assessments for a range of medium to large Medical Practice Group resulting in cost-saving technology and operational improvement recommendations for the practice office's business operations and technology environment. Where implemented, these recommendations have resulted in both direct cost savings and improved operational efficiencies for the practice offices allowing for improved employee and doctors productivity and utilisation.

Wide Area Network (WAN) Extension - Phase I - Data designed and implemented a WAN extension solution for a large Medical Practice to address remote location connectivity issues. developed and implemented this cost-savings solution incorporating the use of a Broadband VPN point to point service connection between the main and remote Medical Practice. Future use of this wide bandwidth solution will also include the addition of voice/fax and video services between the Medical Practice as described separately below. Implementation of this service significantly increased the capacity and performance capabilities of the remote location's staff/doctors and their productivity. This significantly improved employee access and productivity at the remote office location by improving communication speed and technology.

Technology Management and Customer Support was contracted to provide ongoing technology management and customer support for a medium sized Medical Practice. Since using, the client has reports having fewer technology problems, reduced staff and doctors frustration, improved system reliability and performance and reduced operating costs.

WAN Extension - Phase II - Data / Fax / Voice / Video designed and implemented an advanced telecommunications and networking WAN extension solution for a large Medical Practice to expand communication services between remote doctors office locations. developed and implemented this cost-savings solution which incorporates the use of advanced technology to provide data/fax/voice and video integration between the remote and central offices. In addition, the additional telecommunications savings to be gained by integrating voice and data services will help to reduce the overall cost of the project while significantly increasing the capacity and performance capabilities of the remote location's staff and their productivity.

Information Security Review was engaged to perform a security review of patient medical records for a large Medical Practice to identify security weaknesses and to provide recommendations for improvement. Recommendations were made and implemented which resulted in a more secure technology setting for the long-term storage and retrieval of the patient medical records.

Disaster Recovery Planning was engaged to review and assess the disaster recovery readiness of the technology infrastructure for a medium sized Medical Practice. The review consisted of detailed examination of their daily operations and procedures, analysis of their effectiveness, the creation of recommendations for modifications to improve those procedures, and our oversight of their implementation and adoption by the Medical Practice. As a follow-up, due to the nature of heavy construction in the immediate vicinity causing periodic unplanned electrical outages, components of this plan have been tested and executed successfully on several occasions.

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